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When outlaw "Canyon" Jack Ransom hires the beautiful 'marm to teach him to read, sparks fly and worlds collide until she finds out just who her lover is.
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Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. Paperback Book. Visit West Texas in ! In The Marshal Next Door, the lawman's sisters become robbery suspects. Related Products. Ransom of the Heart Susan Page Davis. Ann is smitten with Cam after they work together on his race car for the entire night, but she starts to question the idea of getting involved with a driver. When Julia accidentally becomes Atlanta's artist du jour, Suzanne is speechless, but only because she has inadvertently glued her lips shut, which leads to her being mistaken for a performer; Mary Jo attempts to get rid of a dent on Charlene's car.

Mary Jo decides to have a little fun while she and the girls attend a convention in New Orleans, but she unknowingly has a little too much fun and winds up spending the night with a man she later discovers is already married. Sergeant Preston of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police investigates the death of a prospector, who the townspeople believes was killed by Preston's dog Yukon King, so he goes in search of the actual killer before his dog is taken from him. Sergeant Preston and Yukon King are out fighting crime in the Canadian wilderness when they learn that two criminals are in pursuit of a Bible from a minister in order to decode a document that reveals information about hidden gold.

When Timmy and Boomer decide to become business partners, they attempt to make Paul their first client after learning he is willing to pay for ladybugs to help save his apple orchard, but Lassie refuses to help them find the insects. While Ruth is traveling to have dinner with some friends at their home, she decides to shorten her trip by going through the woods, but when she is forced to replace a flat tire, she encounters a terrible accident with a cougar trap.

After a miner is accused of brutally murdering his business partner in order to take over his stocks, the miner proclaims his innocence and turns to the Lone Ranger and Tonto for assistance in clearing him of the charges against him. While the determined Lone Ranger and Tonto are working together to apprehend a couple of outlaws on the run, they discover, during their investigation, the two are corresponding with their elusive boss through the mail system. Sam Drucker starts selling artificial Christmas trees that squirt genuine spruce spray from the top and ooze fake sap from its trunk, which horrifies Oliver as he wants an old fashioned Christmas tree; Lisa makes fruitcake.

During tomato planting season, Oliver looks for useful weather information, relying on the local television stations weatherman; he contacts the Weather Bureau when he notices that the weatherman usually makes incorrect predictions. Betty develops a passion for engineering work after attending a special job fair, but her friends and prospective employer, who all have sexist notions that a woman cannot work in that field, try to discourage her from pursing the trade.

Jim gets into a heated argument with the father of Betty's boyfriend, creating a rift in their relationship and leading the boy refusing to ever see Betty again, so Betty attempts to persuade her father to apologize before it's too late. George tells a little white lie to get out of attending an event with a business partner he doesn't like to be around; Hazel catches him in his lies and tells him he must stop getting out of obligations that way; makes a bad influence on child.

The Baxters family become suspicious of Mr. Griffin, who always seems to be around when the family is having dinner, but he just loves Hazels cooking too much; Hazel offers to teach his maid how to cook like she does so he will stay home. Jeannie's unscrupulous sister plots to trap Jeannie in her bottle so she can follow Major Nelson to the opening of a ritzy nightclub in Cocoa Beach, where she causes an embarrassing incident involving Tony and makes sure that Jeannie gets the blame. Tony and Roger are studying the blueprints for a new and innovative space station called A.

Samantha accidentally switches personalities with one of her friends, and the mix-up affords her an opportunity to try and fix her friend's marriage while Dr.

Bombay attempts to locate the necessary ingredients for a remedy. After Endora casts a spell on Darrin that turns him into a gorilla, Samantha must find a way to undo the magic before he is captured by a pair of criminal hunters who are in need of a mate for their pound female ape. After several Federal agents are killed while trying to find and capture a ruthless and corrupt political boss, President Grant orders agent Jim West and his sidekick, Artemus Gordon, to find the man and bring him back to Washington for a trial.

When ships on the coast of the Mississippi are attacked by a band of pirates, agent Jim West and his sidekick, Artemus Gordon, are ordered to track them down, but West becomes distracted by a beautiful assassin sent to kill him.

A Rivenloch Christmas

When a deadly outlaw is finally captured by the Lone Ranger and Tonto, he is sentenced to a hanging for his criminal misdeeds, but the rest of his violent gang attempts to save him from his fate while ending the Lone Ranger's life. After a ventriloquist witnesses a man commit a violent murder, he turns to the Lone Ranger and Tonto for protection from the killer's schemes against him, so he can testify of the man's criminal deeds to the local authorities. While a man is attempting to gain custody of his child by criticizing his estranged wife's parenting skills, her new boyfriend is found brutally murdered, and even though he pleads his innocence, he must stand trial for the crime.

Despite being in families with opposing political views, a young man and woman attempt to maintain their love affair with each other, but when one of them is discovered brutally murdered, Perry Mason must find the person responsible for the act. Matlock is assigned to be the special prosecutor on a case involving the murder of an assistant district attorney, and upon researching the case, he and his colleagues discover the victim's cash intake didn't measure up with his official duties.

After discovering a murdered assistant district attorney's illegitimate funds, Matlock becomes involved in a lawsuit with a toy company and realizes a group of judges have been orchestrating some dirty deeds of their own. Mona Harvey's husband, an eccentric sculptor named Hannibal, is being blackmailed, so in order to get money, he decides to blackmail Mona's wealthy uncle; when Hannibal's accomplice is found dead, however, Mona is accused of murder.

After spending several years taking advantage of her uncle's generosity, a woman decides to steal from him and give the money to her drug-addicted boyfriend, but when the uncle threatens to sue, he is later found murdered. Hooker and Romano find a pair of teenage prostitutes being held against their will when a van swerving dangerously on the road crashes, inadvertently exposing the latest murder of a serial killer known as the "Boulevard Strangler.

An outlaw's Christmas : : a McKettricks of Texas novel / |

A mysterious young man shows up at the gate of the Hart's mansion claiming to be Jonathan Hart, Jr. Vivian, who is terrified of funerals, must attend the last rites of a close friend, and as Maude tries to console her it comes out that she lost an antique brooch Arthur had given Vivian because she can't remember which third party she loaned it to. Maude and one of her ex-husbands are at a downtown New York City law firm to handle the disposition of some property in Maine they own jointly when they get trapped in a copy room, and they reminisce about old times and discuss what went wrong.

When a stubborn eyewitness to a murder refuses to talk, Barney makes Harris and Dietrich share an apartment with him until he is willing to talk, and Lieutenant Scanlon tries to go on a date with an attractive mugging victim. When a stubborn eyewitness to a murder refuses to speak, Barney makes police detectives Harris and Dietrich share an apartment with him until he is willing to talk, and Lieutenant Scanlon is shockingly charged for sexual harassment.

An attention-deprived Barbara grows weary of feeling like she is not a priority at home and decides to leave for Chicago with a male companion where the runaway duo takes refuge in a motel room before plotting their next move. Schneider becomes fearful that he will be replaced when the building is taken over by a new landlord, so he devises a scheme that involves flirting with his new employer in order to secure his job, but is surprised when his affections are returned. Mary Jo discovers that the man who mugged her the year before is now currently working as a busboy in the local pizza parlor, but when she has him arrested she discovers that taking him to court is more challenging than she had expected.

Julia attempts to cope with the shocking death of her good friend by babysitting the unruly child of her vacationing clients, but as she continues to spend time with the spoiled child she begins to think that the task is more trouble than its worth. Sergeant Preston and Yukon King are out fighting crime in the Canadian wilderness when they try to catch the killers of an Indian murdered after a mine sabotage by two men who tried to convince their partner to sell his share. Sergeant Preston and Yukon King are out fighting crime in the Canadian wilderness when they try to catch the robbers of a mail delivery containing gold and cash, but their search becomes much harder the closer they get to retrieving the stolen goods.

Timmy and Boomer search for the reason Lassie keeps returning to the house with black matter on her legs, and when they discover that there property has oil in it, Uncle Petrie conducts his own investigation, which leads to alarming results. When a breeder has an encounter with Lassie, he reveals to Timmy that she could possibly be the descendant of a very famous show dog, and after Timmy is instructed to keep her from running wild, Lassie sees her friends having fun without her. While the Lone Ranger and Tonto are in pursuit of a group of dangerous outlaws, they discover the criminals have developed a clever and intricate plot to rob a bank of all its funds, leading them to an attempt to counter the crime.

While pretending to have the ability to make it rain, a group of clever thieves plan to take advantage of an unsuspecting town suffering from a relentless drought by promising to make it rain in exchange for their valuable goods.

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Lisa enrolls herself in Hooterville High School which causes Oliver to spend much time in the principals office; she takes a cooking course and disrupts History class with her version of Hungarian history and causes more trouble. When Oliver is asked to act of a judge by some of the Hooterville bigwigs, he misunderstands what they are offering as they were asking him to judge at the fair and not act as an appointed judge; Oliver seeks advice in New York.


When Margaret speaks frankly with her children about hot issues, the Parents-Teacher Association believes that she cannot control her kids and decides to take issue, demanding that she couch future comments in harmless euphemisms. When Jim manages to get major league baseball star Duke Snider to visit the town, Bud becomes an instant hero to all his friends from school, which gives him a new social status and teaches him an important lesson about life. Dorothy invites Hazels nephew to stay with the Baxter family when he comes to town for a visit; while he is there, he takes the opportunity to convince George to invest in the plastics industry.

A Texas Kind of Christmas

Griffins nephew and Georges secretary are going to get married, but Mr. Griffin intervenes when he wants them to have a larger wedding than they had planned. A reporter is so determined to get an interview with Major Nelson that he stoops to blackmail and has a woman and her children pose as Tony's abandoned family in order to gain access to the astronaut and his home.

Jeannie puts a spell on the piano in the officer's club and enables Tony to play like a virtuoso and he is sent on a concert tour that includes Carnegie Hall, but when Jeannie gets locked in a cabinet Tony has to take drastic steps to avoid scandal. Darrin becomes upset with Endora regarding her tendency to conjure up unaffordable luxuries for her grandchildren; Samantha uses her magic to dispose of an envelope full of money that she believes is a result of Endora's handiwork. Endora puts a cruel spell on Darrin that turns him into a year-old boy; Samantha attempts to avoid embarrassment by passing Darrin off as his own nephew; Darrin is forced to deal with an account for Irish stew that tastes terrible.

Agent Jim West and his sidekick, Artemus Gordon, are ordered to guard a shipment of unstable radioactive metals the French plan to use for the Franco-Prussian War, but when those materials are stolen, the two agents must track down the thief.

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  4. Agent Jim West and his sidekick, Artemus Gordon, are ordered to guard an Albanian princess as she travels from her country to America, but when she is suddenly kidnapped, they must follow the clues left behind to find who is responsible. While the Lone Ranger and Tonto are working together on an investigation in hopes of locating the whereabouts of a vicious gang of outlaws, they incur the assistance of a counterfeiter who goes to extreme measures to work undercover for them.

    During the Lone Ranger and Tonto's investigation into a series of recent crimes, they discover that a prominent businessman in the town has a hand in the criminal activity, but their attempts to put a stop to his evil actions is met with trouble. After a man marries a recent widow in hopes of gaining wealth, he is found murdered in a swimming pool, but suspicions surround his death with clues leading to the possibility of someone else returning to seek vengeance on a love scorned.


    While a man is attempting to maintain temporary control of a family mining company, a mysterious murder occurs, and he turns to Perry Mason and his team to find the true culprit in hopes that his reputation will be vindicated. At the request of Julie, Matlock ventures to Hollywood to help a former film star turned cosmetics mogul fight against accusations that she was driven to murder an old flame who threatened to expose nude photos from her past.

    A serial killer's mode of operation involves publicly humiliating his targets before murdering them by asphyxiation, and Matlock finds that he is no exception to this brutal rule when the crazed murderer begins targeting him.