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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cheryl Bowen Hance has an Associate of Arts Degree as well as 37 years experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
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Weezy and Josh were doing engineer stuff and Mike Russell was on the first floor of the parking deck functioning as safety. I heard him yelling to the drivers to put their helmets on. The ladder was on ground floor 1 — below the first.

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I went up to Russell thinking he was at staging command and asked him what I should do. He told me Rescue was inside and that I should wait for my crew to come out and join them. As he said that, Chief Burnett walked up in full turnout gear and helmet!

I knew this was big at that point. Just then I saw Caption Bowen walk out of the building. I was struck to see him alone, but ran over to join him. I followed him over to staging just on the south side of the west ground floor entrance. I saw Clint and Brad there getting hot swaps and went to help. Paul Walker and I put a new bottle on Brad. EJ was told to report this to command, which he did, then grabbed an axe off of E2. Now we were going in.

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We walked quickly down the hall to the stairwell and headed up. The stairs were very smoky and I clipped in my regulator immediately.

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I was surprised at how thick the smoke was so far down the line. When I hooked up I looked up and down the line to see everyone else on air as well. We moved up the stairs and I thought about the elevators, and remembered the SOG I had recently read which stated high rise fires that were on the 5th floor or below would be fought from the stairs, not elevators. At that point I put the elevator out of my mind. We took a long time going up the stairs not wanting to breath hard and waste our precious air.

I realized, as I am sure everyone else did, that we were going to have limited time to operate on the fire floor due to our dwindling air supply. At no point had I received a situation report about the fire or conditions or our assignment or even a radio channel, which would bite me later.

We moved up the stairs in a line. Jeff in the lead followed by Clint, myself, Brad and then EJ. On the fourth floor landing we started to encounter dry hose, which I assumed was a high-rise pack. It was attached to the stand pipe and sort-of stretched. Jeff tripped on the hose I assumed and Clint stopped to ask if he was okay. Jeff said he was fine and kept moving.

We entered the 5th floor into very smoky conditions, but not much heat. This has been a point of contention with other companies and firefighters. Some firefighters came out reporting extremely high heat; however, due to the leap frogging of crews on this fire every company saw this fire in a different state. The smoke was grayish and diffused my light. There was about feet of visibility. Our team moved through the thick haze fast, following a hose line and darting around corners.

As we circled our way around the building I knew I was becoming disoriented, but felt it was important to keep up with the man in front of me. I assumed he had a good idea of where we were going. The smoke seemed to be lighter as we traveled along the line. I saw a clamp that belonged to Brad holding a door open.

I was glad to see he had used one of his new clamps, and that it seemed to be working well. We went through the chocked doorway into a room where the hose ended.

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Our company formed a circle around the nozzle and squatted down. We stayed there for quite some time in a circle. We waited there for a couple of minutes while Jeff called for water and we all burned our air supply. I noticed everyone checking their air, and I thought we would be ineffective due to our low air and lack of water. I thought we should be searching for victims or fire extension, but there we sat waiting for water. Jeff called for water. Then Chief Denning told us to come out if we had no task. Jeff said we would stay and wait for water or stand by in case another crew needed us.

Captain Eddie Wyatt called on the radio and said we needed to open the stand pipe valve. The valve was open.

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  4. Later Russell called to E6 and told them the ladder was their method of egress. I had no idea where that would be or where the fire was, or how to get back to the stairs other than following the hose. Around this time 6 gets water and calls it into command. Jeff gets on the radio and asks 6 if they could use our help.

    They said yes and we were off swerving through the dark and smoky abyss. We made our way into a hallway that had an alcove off of it containing six? We stopped there while Jeff did god knows what. It was very hard for the 5 of us to communicate well since our crew was too large for everyone to take part in interactions. I trust my company and my officer. I knew Captain Bowen would lead us in the right direction.

    I told Brad I was going to search the small rooms even though I thought they had already been searched. Due to our lack of water I felt ineffectual throughout the operation. After that I poked my head into a room across the hall from the alcove. This room was full of files that were burning in the decay stage. There were little camp fires on top of every box.

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    It was a room with an exterior wall lined with windows. Talk began about breaking the windows. Someone checked in with Jeff and he gave the all clear. EJ radioed down to command to have the ladder operator stand clear while we took the windows. After we took them I looked out and the ladder was nowhere to be seen. We were on the west side of the building and had mistakenly thought we were on the north side, where the ladder was. I saw how truly lost I was.

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    He told Jeff and, after some, delay we started making our way out. I thought that this was collectively the best decision we had made. As we worked our way out along the hose line, I saw a helmet and a light pop out from around a corner. I asked who it was and if they were okay. Eventually, Charlotte went to work at the BBC and then run her own disability equality training business, before becoming director at Look UK in She fears she is one of the lucky ones, though.

    For there is little doubt her ability to lead a normal productive work and family life is thanks to her family — and the help of the Government. To help Charlotte do her job, she also receives a government grant called Access to Work. She is referring to caps being placed on new Access to Work grants in and, since last year, for existing claimants. The cuts come as the number of people with sight loss is set to rise from 2 million to 2. Diabetes can damage the tiny blood vessels inside the retina, while studies are now connecting obesity to an increased risk of eye diseases that cause blindness: age-related macular degeneration AMD , which causes sharp, central vision to blur, making activities such as reading difficult; cataracts, a clouding of the lens that affects vision; and glaucoma, a group of diseases that can damage the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and blindness.

    The RNIB is lobbying for the implementation of the recommendations of an all-party parliamentary group inquiry into increasing capacity in eyecare services for adults and children. Prawns are high in lean, filling protein and a good source of selenium for a healthy immune system. But they make up only 25 to 30 per cent of a portion of prawn toast, with the other ingredients being oil, bread and salt, making the dish far from waistline-friendly. A typical 85g portion served on chopped lettuce has about calories and very little cholesterol-raising saturated fat.

    Best: Grilled prawn, mushroom and red pepper kebabs.