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Hell Hath No Fury (Maggie Flaherty #4). by. Julie Ramson Murder” is the fourth in the Maggie Flaherty murder mystery series.
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How do subsequent generations deal with their histories—whether as descendants of perpetrators or victims, of th This revisionist study reevaluates the origins and foundation myths of the Faqaris and Qasimis, two rival factions that divided Egyptian society during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Egypt was the largest province in the Ottoman Empir Frequently praised for its democratic transition, South Africa has experienced an almost uninterrupted cycle of social protest since the late s.

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There have been increasing numbers of demonstrations against the often appalling living conditions of millions of South Africans, pointing to the fact that they have yet Once "warehoused" in institutions, many severely handicapped individuals are now living in community residences. Yet there are few resource materials available for those who face the difficult task of planning and operating these residences.

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A User's Guide to Community Entry for the Severely Handicapped offers practical guidance for creating the most home-like, least restrictive residential settings. Committed to the right of all individua Hoffman - Editor Henry F. Srebrnik - Editor. First comprehensive examination of the rise and decline of the Jewish communist movement in the English-speaking world. While a number of books and articles have been written about Jewish Communist organizations and their supporters in particular countries, an academic treatment of the overall movement per se has yet to be published.

Irena Koprowska's autobiography illuminates the struggles of a young immigrant woman to combine family responsibilities and a demanding medical career. Irena Koprowska's autobiography chronicles the life and struggles of an immigrant woman who successfully pursued a career while raising a family. In the process, she became an award-winning physician, professor, and research pioneer at a time in history when it was believ This book examines the policies of the Dutch toward illicit drug use and the effect these policies have had on heroin addicts and drug-related crime.

In many countries, the debate on drug issues has turned into polarization between legalization and prohibition. This book provides a third strategy, a "compromise" between the two extreme positions. The Netherlands, particularly its capital Amsterdam, is known for its relatively tolerant Wetstein - Author.

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Demonstrates that individual state policies on abortion closely reflect public opinion in that state and affect abortion rates, whereas national policy and policy changes have no real effect on abortion rates. Thurow - Author. Acceptable Genes? Brunk - Editor Harold Coward - Editor.

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Perspectives on genetically modified foods from world religions and indigenous traditions. Modern biotechnology has surpassed science fiction with such feats as putting fish genes in tomatoes to create a more cold-resistant crop. While the environmental and health concerns over such genetically modified foods have been the subject of public debate, religious and spiritual viewpoints have been given short shrift. This book provides the basis for thoughtful reflection and discussion of school accountability by critically examining Kentucky's groundbreaking educational reform strategy of statewide student assessment and teacher accountability.

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Benoit - Author. When one encounters certain messages criticism, complaints, accusations, blame, censure, condemnation, rebukes, reproaches, objections or is suspected of wrongdoing, failed obligations, mistakes, or embarrassments, one needs to know how to respond, both mentally and behaviorally.

The author is very thorough in his list of situations t Updated with a timely literature review and new case studies from sports, international politics, and third-party image repair. In our constantly plugged-in and connected world, image is everything. People, groups, organizations, and countries frequently come under suspicion of wrongdoing and sometimes require defense.

This fully updated edition of the volume investigates the situations in which threats to i Burchmore - Editor. Snyder - Editor. Tindale - Author. Approaches recent innovations in argumentation theory from a primarily rhetorical perspective. The revival of argumentation theory in the past few decades has focused on its logical and dialectical dimensions, with less attention paid to rhetorical features.

This book explores and then redresses this imbalance. Tindale examines important logical and dialectical innovations in recent argumentation theory and shows that they depend impl Casey - Editor Jason M. Wirth - Editor. Repositions Bachelard as a critical and integral part of contemporary continental philosophy.

Like Schelling before him and Deleuze and Guattari after him, Gaston Bachelard made major philosophical contributions to the advancement of science and the arts. In addition to being a mathematician and epistemologist whose influential work in the philosophy of science is still being absorbed, Bachelard was also one of the most innova Powell - Editor. This book seeks to draw attention to Friedrich Schiller — as a philosophical thinker in his own right. For too long, his philosophical contribution has been neglected in favor of his much-deserved reputation as a political playwright.

The essays in this collection make two arguments. First, Schil Leiter - Author Samuel Leiter - Author. Provides a comprehensive and even-handed overview of the very contentious subject of affirmative action. Racism, sexism, and ethnic discrimination have long represented a seemingly intractable problem. Affirmative action was conceived as an attack on these ingrained problems, but today it is widely misunderstood. This volume reviews new developments in affirmative action law, policy, and ideological conflict in the a Leiter - Author.

A comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis of the past, present, and future of affirmative action in the United States. Affirmative action has been and continues to be the flashpoint of America's civil rights agenda. Yet while the affirmative action literature is voluminous, no comprehensive account of its major legal and public policy dimensions exists.

Samuel and William M. Leiter examine the origin and growth of Mwangi - Author. Explores the metafictional strategies of contemporary African novels rather than characterizing them primarily as a response to colonialism.

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The profound effects of colonialism and its legacies on African cultures have led postcolonial scholars of recent African literature to characterize contemporary African novels as, first and foremost, responses to colonial domination by the West. In Africa Writes Back to S Walters - Author Robert C. Smith - Author. It is both historical and contemporary in its breadth and depth. Christopher Brown II - Foreword by. Assesses the influence of family and school on African American students' college decision-making processes.

Acknowledging the disparity between the number of African American high school students who aspire toward higher education and the number who actually attend, this book uncovers factors that influence African American students' decisions regarding college. Kassie Freeman brings new insights to the current body White - Editor.

African American women and men share their stories of how feminism has influenced their daily lives. How might ordinary people apply feminist principles to everyday situations? How do feminist ideas affect the daily behaviors and decisions of those who seek to live out the basic idea that women are as fully human as men?

This collection of essays uses concrete examples to illuminate the ways in which African Ame The authors use examples from their own clinical practice to explain the development of Lacanian theory. After Lacan combines abundant case material with graceful yet sophisticated theoretical exposition in order to explore the clinical practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Melaney - Author. Offers a reconsideration of modernism in both philosophy and literature.

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After Ontology identifies the uniquely postmodern elements in hermeneutics and deconstruction in order to re-read many of the central texts in modernist literature. In a comparative study that illuminates points of contact between the philosophical positions of Gadamer and Derrida, William D. Melaney discusses Heidegger's influence on both Irreverent and incisive critique of liberal theories of the state.

In Against the State, Crispin Sartwell unleashes a quick and brutal rejection of the traditional arguments for state legitimacy. Sartwell considers the classics of Western political philosophy—Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Hume, Bentham, Rawls, and Habermas, among others—and argues that their positions are not only wrong but also The first English translation of History of the Armenians. History of the Armenians , attributed to Agathangelos, is an enigmatic work that combines remembered tradition and invented legend.

It also exists in several languages and various editions, not all of which derive from the text extant in Armenian.

The significance of the work is unquestionable, though. With this edition, Robert W. Thomson offe Ain't I a Feminist? White - Author. Interview-based study of contemporary African American feminist men. In her analysis, Aaronette M. Columbus - Edited and with an introduction by Donadrian L. Rice - Edited and with an introduction by. To commemorate the centenary of the birth of Alan Watts — , Peter J. Columbus and Donadrian L. Clark - Editor Michael E. Hilton - Editor. Newbold - Author. His career in public service and his ideas concerning government and constitutional tradition have overshadowed his involvement with public administration.

All But Forgotten ex Kowalewski - Author. Pasti - Author. The first scholarly exhibition catalogue of the work of Eugene Speicher — , one of the foremost American realists of his generation, who was closely associated with George Bellows, Robert Henri, Leon Kroll, and Rockwell Kent. Wolfson - Author. This book explores the fundamental issues in Jewish mysticism and provides a taxonomy of the deep structures of thought that emerge from the texts. The author provides a morphology of the deep structures of thought that emerge from the basic texts of Jewish mysticism.