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Expecting to dominate Tom, Janet is surprised when she wakes up tied to his bed . At first, he refuses to let her go, gags her, and then begins teasing her sex.
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Trained By Her Boss. Alison Biggs. Stanley Rand. Tied Up After Hours. Serena Hawthorne. I, Sado-Masochist. Imogen Linn.

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Matt Nicholson. The Country Wife. Samantha Kinkaid. Amish Girl Seeks Fourway. Enslaved, Part I: The Initiation. Leigh Tierney. Really Rough Sex. Naughty Daydreams Press. Enslaved, Parts I-V. Taken by the Three Musketeers. Cheri Verset. Ravaged in the Stables Paranormal Erotica. Claudia King. Bondage Dungeon. Michaela Daphne Taylor.

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Lauren Pain. Chelsea Chaynes. Taken By Tentacles. Cora Adel. Bound, Filled, and Covered with a Friend. Claire Elise. His Firm Hand 2. Ellie Saxx.

Possessing Allura. Reese Gabriel. Put a Ring Through It. Sex in the Cell. Felicity McBean. Ruffles and Lace. Alice Dockery. Kelly Kinx. Jenny Jeans. Her Six Holes.

Rose Black. William Malic. Teri Williams. Used As A Sex Toy.

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Clara Cummings. Dirty House on the Prairie. Maggie Hale. Veronica Halstead. Punished at St Sade. Julie Fox. Abduct The Virgin Babysitter! She Loves Rough Sex. The Unexpected Visitor. NS Charles. Lynette Norris. Anita Lawless. Lola Starr. Remember Nikki Pink. Safe and Sound and More. Tori Westwood. The Convent School. Rosa Coote pseudonym. A Rough Ride. Mounted by a Monster: Ogre Inside.

Mina Shay. After School.

Jurgen von Stuka. Avenging the Pee-Hole. Julie Bosso. The Bondmaid Adventures: Volume 1. Simon Grail. Kidnapped and Tied for His Pleasure. She has to paint herself, pink as primary color and use a micro dress, and an exceptionally short skirt. If she passes the mark, I invite her for dinner, if not, she is my submissive slut.

Emma: My boyfriend took me shopping and bought me an outfit, a tight slutty hot pink micro-dress and super high platform heels.


Feminist Healing Through BDSM

He comes home to find me waiting to serve him dinner dressed like that. The outfit is like a signal to him that he has total control and believe me he embraces that. Matt: I did the following with my girlfriend every time I fucked her; got her in the habit of saying yes to everything I did, making her beg for it. Once I felt like it was natural for her I moved onto rougher sex, again making her agree and begging for it.

Before long she would give in to rough sex with no hesitation. Once I introduced anal she hesitated but I kept reminding her she begged for it and soon it was a regular for us too. Needless to say I now have a nice little sexually submissive girlfriend who knows my sexual needs always come first.

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Making your girlfriend affirm and beg for your cock is a great training method. I met a guy online and had sex on a first date — that is something I have never done before! No more vanilla for me!! Who knew?!?! All women deep down, want to be dominated in the bedroom! We just need to acknowledge our male female gender differences and celebrate them!